Mullinax Pickups


All Georgia Quarter guitars feature custom, hand wound Mullinax Pickups.

Here at Mullinax Pickups, we produce the highest quality, handmade pickups on the market. Our pickups are designed by our dedicated staff of nerds, and are handwound in our shop in lovely metro Atlanta. Completely obsessed with sound and science, we pride ourselves in producing the most responsive and balanced pickups possible. If you are looking for a new, clear sound that is more than just a vintage re-issue – something that has the best tone over the highest output – your journey is at an end! Contact us today and we can help find the sounds you are looking for!

Richard Straus


Richard has a passion for website design and music, the combination of the two were perfect for Damcaster. Richard works full time at OmegaFi as the Website Manager and enjoys building websites in his spare time.

Eliza Morrill


Our friend Eliza is the wonderful photographer for our guitars.

My name is Eliza Morrill (pronounced like “moral of the story”) and I am a photographer located in Columbus, Georgia–but always up for a good trip! I specialize in weddings, engagement sessions, and maternity portraits.

Let’s get right to it– I love my job. I wake up every day crazy excited about the day before me. Meeting new couples, documenting their love, their lives, and their stories excites me to my core.

My style is creative, fun, and comfortable. My goal is to make sure that my clients are relaxed, confident, and having a great time. I’m here to document your style, your life, the people you love, and the memories that will mean the most to you. How lucky am I!?

If you’re crazy in love, pro-fun, and super excited about life, I want to meet you. I want to create images that will hang on the walls of your home forever and forge a friendship that goes way beyond our shoot.

R Lucas Construction


R Lucas Construction provides us with the Eagle & Phenix Dam wood.

R Lucas Construction and Design is a design-build company specializing in custom homes and residential projects. With a strong emphasis on design, we are able to create quality, creative new homes while keeping structural integrity and cost factors in check.

Old River Sawmill


Old River Sawmill is repsonsible for getting all the Heart Pine out of the Dam.



Fabritex makes all of our steel parts including pickguards and case emblems.

We develop and maintain a position of leadership in the marketing of tubular wire carriers, stem baskets, annealing process materials and handling devices, as well as other auxiliary wire processing solutions. We also developed a strong position in the tube bending and metal fabrication markets with acquisitions of state-of-the-art CNC equipment that provide high-speed prototypes and production with consistent repeatability.

We also have customers who have partnered with us for many years where we maintain a parts inventory for them so that they can get immediate shipping as required. We pride ourselves with working with small developing companies, providing them with engineering support and manufacturing technology to produce their concepts and products.

Wrought Iron Leather

Etsy Store: Click Here!

Each Damcaster comes with a custom strap from Wrought Iron Leather that is individually matched to the finish.

Wrought Iron Leather and Effects is a small company that focuses on making rugged user-friendly leather guitar straps and one of a kind effects pedals housed in re-purposed vintage enclosures. You can check them out in the Etsy shop!